It is our primary aim to maintain and enhance our reputation for consistently producing timely and cost effective projects in order to completely meet our clients’ expectations. We are committed to maintaining excellent working relationships with our clients to ensure that every outcome meets or exceeds the quality expected from Industry Leaders.

As part of our commitment statement, we have documented basic policies with which we strive to adhere. Below is our standard Quality Statement, Safety Statement and Environmental Statement.

Quality Statement

SDC Group is a leading civil concrete construction company based in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. With management and crews based in Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Wide Bay (Burnett), Central Queensland and North Queensland, the SDC Group is quickly becoming the States most flexible and reliable concrete construction organisation in the country.

  • It is our policy to provide a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with our company Management System for employees and subcontractors and to ensure that all work is carried out in a safe manner as per industry benchmarks.
  • Ensure compliance with contract documentation, standards, codes and statutory requirements.
  • Maintain quality management awareness at all levels of the organisation and promote quality as the prime responsibility of every employee and subcontractor.
  • Maintain total commitment to our Quality Management System.
  • Respond in a timely and constructive manner to customer complaints and act promptly on agreed remedial actions.

Safety Statement

SDC Group is committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees, subcontractors and others that may be affected through its operational activities. This commitment extends to controlling the hazards and risks that have the potential to do harm to both people and the environment.

Our WH&S objectives include:

  • All SDC Group staff and contractors abide by all procedures prescribed in SDC’s Safe Work Method Statement with is available on every SDC Group work site.
  • We eliminate or control any reasonably foreseeable WH&S risks to people arising from the conduct of our employees or contractors.
  • We suport consultation on WH&S decisions throughout the workplace, contribute to the development of WH&S working practices and comply with regulations, systems, policies and procedures.
  • We undertake WH&S traning, utilise protective clothing and safety equipment as instructed.
  • SDC office retains a copy employee’s Blue Card/White Card. Employees carry this card onsite at all times.
  • All staff agree to co-operate with SDC Group’s obligations to meet WH&S legislation and report accidents, injuries, unsafe practices and environmentally harmful situations in the workplace to the projecct manager or onsite foremen.
  • Our staff and contractors work in a safe manner with the objective of preventing injuries to themselves, other work mates and the public in general.
  • In the interest of safety, employee’s families or friends (who do not work for SDC Group) are not permitted in the workplace or onsite.
  • Employees or contractors are encouraged to report other persons working in an unsafe manner to the onsite Foreman or SDC management immediately.
  • Work Place Health and Safety Act 2011 states that if you witness an unsafe practice and do not report it, you may be personally liable.

Environmental Statement

As part of our accountable practices commitment, SDC Group is committed to the preservation of the environment and resolving environmental issues influencing the community.

Our environmental policy provides employees and the wider community to SDC’s level of environmental awareness and direction that is in line with community espectations and legal requirements. SDC Group aims to comply with all relevant environmental legislation by ensuring that sound environmental systems are in place.

Our policy extends to all company employees, contractors and workplaces as well as the public, if required.

SDC Group is commited to:

  • Conserve energy and water usage.
  • Promote recycling of waste materials.
  • Reduce the level of general waste.
  • Comply with applicable environmental legal and other regulatory requirements.

SDC Group strives for continual improvement of the Environmental Management System and to prevent pollution to land, air or water. SDC believes, as a leader in the industry, it is our duty to be environmentally responsible.

Management, employees and contractors shall be made aware of their responsibilites and will be provided with the knowledge skills and resources to meet our obligations. It is the responsibility of all SDC employees to suport and comply with the Environmental Policy and procedures pertaining to their activities within the company. All employees shall be suitably trained to ensure that they can perform the required tasks in support of our Environmental Policy.